Concrete Epoxies & Sealers

Many people believe that concrete floors are indestructible but this is just not true. You can save yourself a lot of headaches down the road if you take care of your warehouse floor, driveway or garage floor now. An epoxy coating is a great way to offer the protection these areas need.

There are many types of concrete epoxy coatings available. Use of concrete epoxy coating can help to keep your concrete looking great and lower the maintenance problems that are associated with surface as it ages. If your home has a concrete driveway, sidewalk or porch, here are some of the advantages of purchasing and applying epoxy coating material.

Stops Freeze Damage

As concrete ages, it can develop microscopic cracks. When it rains, these cracks can fill with water. If temperatures drop below freezing and the water freezes, it expands and can enlarge the cracks. The frozen water starts to weather the concrete and the cycle will only get worse until something is done about it. Applying a sealing coat of epoxy can fill these small cracks and stop the degradation.

Improves Overall Strength

Addition of the epoxy sealer helps to improve the strength of the concrete. Just as water can work its way into those microscopic cracks, so can the liquid sealer. The sealer hardens in effect gluing the concrete back together. This effect strengthens and hardens the concrete surface and causes it to last much longer.

The finishes of a high quality epoxy are very tough and are resistant to heat and stains for most types of concrete applications. Epoxy finishes are also friendly to the environment because it has very little odor and cures to a hard consistency that does not pollute the land, water and air.

Due to advancements in technology, finishes have turned to more stable materials that are less susceptible to any possible breakdown, clouding or discoloration. Previous problems due to UV light that affected the concrete have been resolved.

Modern finishes of epoxy have agents added for protection that are necessary for the preservation of the finish and shine even if there is constant exposure to the UV rays of the sun. The finishes that can be bought on the market today are really durable and strong.

Eliminates Contaminants

Leaking vehicles can drip oil, hydraulic fluids and other liquids onto concrete. With unsealed concrete, these contaminants can soak into the surface causing staining. Once the concrete is sealed, the porosity is lowered so that it is much more difficult for liquid to soak into the material and cause stains. Owners will find that sealed concrete is much easier to keep looking great.

No matter what types of horizontal surfaces are around your home, epoxy concrete flooring can help to keep those surfaces looking great. The sealing process keeps out the water that can cause premature weathering of the material.

Coatings are available in one part mixtures as well as two part ones. Use of the one part mixture means that they homeowner does not have to do anything after cleaning other than just roll the product out and let it cure. It is recommended, though, that anytime you treat an outside surface where people will be walking that you add an anti-slip traction material.

There are basic steps needed to be done in applying the epoxy and these are similar to applying paint. Once the concrete surface is completely cleaned, a primer should be put on the surface of the concrete. Next, the epoxy mixture should be mixed and rolled out on the concrete. If the mixture has any tint or colored chips, this is going to be mixed into the epoxy coating.

Once the epoxy is cured, you can then apply a top coat or sealer. In latest applications, foot traffic is allowed after waiting for about 18 hours and vehicle traffic is possible as early as three days after applying the coating. This long lasting protection for concrete can be found at most home repair stores you can just hire a professional.

If you want to have a good quality product to give your floor protection, then you can use a concrete epoxy coating for this purpose. One weekend is all it takes to get a floor coating that is safe and looks good.

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